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Mid-week update


A few things have caught my attention the past couple of weeks.  First off congratulations for reaching 100 podcasts recorded.  Good choice for the centenary too – Daniel Cook’s “What is your Game Design Style” article.

Part Time Gamers” is another good podcast discussing playing games from a part-time gamer perspective.  The presenters work in the game industry but like many of us have many taxes on their spare time.  Decently produced and great conversation – they seem to be off to a good start and they are looking for comments and participants. 

A Life Well Wasted – another downloadable series about gamers and the industry is so well done that it wouldn’t sound out of place on BBC Radio.  It is due another episode but had been delayed for about a week.  The site is also looking for contributions from people working in the industry to show the human side, kicking off with this photographic article about Eskil Steenberg, creator of the game  “Love”.

I was not happy with my draft of the article I was planning to post on the weekend so will revisit it over this coming weekend.  With any luck the sunshine will continue and I will be able to work on it in the garden. 🙂

A final note; has anyone played “Uno Rush”?  It is not Uno as you know it – it is fast paced cross between Snap and Uno with some actual skill to it.  Everyone sees each others cards so it can played locally, which is lots of fun (although draining!)  Anyway if you like the demo and end up getting it perhaps I’ll see you online. 🙂

Industry featured my blog!


Many thanks to Ryan at for recording one of my articles.  It is very flattering to have been approached and amazing to be able to download a podcast with my own words read back to me on the subject of Agile Vocabulary.  Perhaps I should read aloud new articles to myself to make sure they are friendly to that format!

I have another article in draft that I started on the Bank Holiday Monday and will try and finish that over the weekend.  If anyone has a subject they might want me to try and cover suggest it and if I can I will over the next few weeks.

Podcasts – a great way to absorb extra info


Podcasts are audio recordings usually in mp3 format that often specialise in a particular niche.  If you commute, work out to music, or are at a loose end during a long build you might consider listening to one of these shows.

I subscribe to quite a few podcasts via google reader (my rss client of choice) – though the term podcast itself has iPod heritage so iTunes is also often used as a delivery mechanism.

I have listed a few of my favourite podcasts below.  Please comment and recommend any podcasts you listen too that I might be missing out on. 🙂

Game & Software Development

Industry Broadcast This is an excellent idea; the best game developer blog articles read out for your convenience
Platform Biased Behind the scenes info from Redmond
Hansel Minutes Technological discussion, usually focusing on .Net related technologies


Career Tools Solid advice about how to improve your career prospects
Manager Tools Management tips in plain language.  Even if you are not a manager it can make you think about what you are like as an employee to manage 😉
Manager Tools (Basics) I’ve been listening to these guys for years and they refer to concepts introduced in older shows… these are the foundation podcasts


The C64 Take Away Great remixes and sid tunes from the C64
The Roadhouse Signed and unsigned blues artists
The Raven and the Blues Signed and unsigned blues and blues inspired artists


Major Nelson Xbox 360 celebrity often interviews developers and reports sales figures – amongst other things.
OXM Podcast Pretty good 360 podcast from some of the guys behind the American edition of Official Xbox Magazine

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