I am Paul Evans, a software engineer who has been messing around with code since a very young age… for my fourth birthday I got my Granddad to buy me “Sixty programs for the Oric-1” from WHSmiths 🙂

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to work in games development, and after graduating university and working for five and a half year as Ds Limited (now owned by Axiell) making library and learning centre software using various technologies and being lead engineer on a few products.

I finally made a leap over to the games industry at the dawn of 2007 to Lionhead Studios.  I became part of their Central Technology Group (CTG) – a strike force of engineers that is deployed on projects with the goal of ensuring code gets shared across projects and to help get the games out the door.  It is a privilege to have worked with so many talented individuals in such a pioneering studio for four and a half years.

A little disclaimer – this is my personal blog and does not represent the views or opinions of my employer.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything written on this site.  *Any* content on this site (code, downloads, opinion, etc) – is expressed “as is” and used at your own risk – it does not constitute a legal relationship of any kind.

Paul Evans Resume

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