Mid-week update

A few things have caught my attention the past couple of weeks.  First off congratulations IndustryBroadcast.com for reaching 100 podcasts recorded.  Good choice for the centenary too – Daniel Cook’s “What is your Game Design Style” article.

Part Time Gamers” is another good podcast discussing playing games from a part-time gamer perspective.  The presenters work in the game industry but like many of us have many taxes on their spare time.  Decently produced and great conversation – they seem to be off to a good start and they are looking for comments and participants. 

A Life Well Wasted – another downloadable series about gamers and the industry is so well done that it wouldn’t sound out of place on BBC Radio.  It is due another episode but had been delayed for about a week.  The site is also looking for contributions from people working in the industry to show the human side, kicking off with this photographic article about Eskil Steenberg, creator of the game  “Love”.

I was not happy with my draft of the article I was planning to post on the weekend so will revisit it over this coming weekend.  With any luck the sunshine will continue and I will be able to work on it in the garden. 🙂

A final note; has anyone played “Uno Rush”?  It is not Uno as you know it – it is fast paced cross between Snap and Uno with some actual skill to it.  Everyone sees each others cards so it can played locally, which is lots of fun (although draining!)  Anyway if you like the demo and end up getting it perhaps I’ll see you online. 🙂

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