Update – Still alive

More entries will materialise on this blog – it is not dead.  I have a couple of articles in draft, one about “soft skills” and another full of notes about Edward Tufte’s “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”. 

Over the last few months this blog has taken a back seat to other priorities.  In my own time I have been learning WPF, brushing up on some mathematics and prototyping an arcade puzzle game idea in Xna.  These are all things that not only help me personally but have been positively contributing to my day-to-day work at the studio.  When time allows I write blog entries that tend to be an organised collection of my thoughts that hopefully add something useful to others as well as myself. 

Of course I have a life outside of development too; I love my wife, enjoy visiting new places, like taking pictures and have fun gaming with friends.  Perhaps I should write thoughts about games I have played here and some other less developer-centric subjects to keep to a regular update cycle.  I do want to avoid posting just for the sake of it though – I do not think any subscriber would thank for that.  I think of this post as a “ping” though and I hope you do too :0)

If there are any subjects readers out there would like me to tackle I will take suggestions here as comments on this post.  If I feel confident that I can write an entry based on a suggestion it will no doubt feature in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to “Update – Still alive”

  1. netflow Says:

    Looking forward to the new articles man.. The droves of your raving lunatic fans are starting to get impatient and quite aggressive in their demands that I produce the next Paul Evan’s article on http://www.industrybroadcast.com. I don’t know how much longer I can hold them off

  2. paulecoyote Says:

    Heheh, you making fun? ;0)
    You know I wonder if you ever sleep the amount of stuff you manage to publish and produce on the web Ryan.

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