Lionhead – Jobs available now

Lionhead (Guildford, Surrey, UK) are looking out for a multitude of talent for games and central technology. Please take a look at the website here:

If you decide you want to apply, please do so through me so that I might be eligible for any finders reward

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6 Responses to “Lionhead – Jobs available now”

  1. David Ostman Says:

    You get finders rewards? Aw, man..

  2. Andrew Lawson Says:

    Need any Embedded Realtime ADA / UML experts?

  3. Eduardo Hulshof Says:

    This is cheating 😛

  4. paulecoyote Says:

    No ada used here I’m afraid.

  5. sirlantis Says:

    Ok, although I am still studying (and prefer to finish that first) I just got curious:

    I have been attending a recruiting event of some studios here in germany last year. And I got an odd feeling about working for most of them. “We expect you to work 5h over your paid time per week without any sparetime/salary compensation – but hey, we offer you sport/health opportunities and stuff. Oh, and btw, we expect you to work on weekends during crunchtime, we _might_ compensate it”.
    Other so called features like “employee of the month” (gets a bonus) didn’t make it tastier – especially once tried Agile you are used to work with a team, not being the next superstar.

    So I was just wondering how LH performs there – how you are valued as a person or workhorse? Doing quality work in mabye just 38h/week vs doing a whole cra*load in enforced 45h/week. How many blockers have I solved just by sleeping a night over it.
    How are the teams doing? Every company requires team-softskills, but then a lot companies don’t even have “teams” – they just needed people who can speak once they are asked something.

    But then all these questions lead to good answers, no answers or pure lies… But hey, maybe I will know once I apply for a job after graduation and get a negative due to this comment 😉

  6. paulecoyote Says:

    There was some enforced crunch time during 2008 for Fable II, but I firmly believe that most studios and in many software development places need you to work overtime sometimes – I certainly experienced it in and out of the games industry.

    For the last couple of months I have been getting in at 10am and leaving between 6pm and 7pm most nights. It all depends on how your team is committed, and what you personally have committed too.

    Communication between teams and peers is generally excellent, almost everyone is very approachable.

    Pay and bonus seem to vary quite a bit depending on a large number of factors – and as I’m not a hiring manager I don’t have much insight to share about that.

    Personally I think the best way to figure out what you should be earning and the title you could have is to interview at a few places and compare offers. That advice works pretty well at any stage of your career.

    As a graduate be prepared about how much the ideals taught in university are bent around a companies own politics. Be prepared to be pragmatic and not get frustrated because things are not how you think they “should” be. Once you are settled somewhere you might be able to influence things but first it is important to understand that there are reasons why things are done the way they are – even if those reasons are not immediately apparent to you.

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